Get Answers to Common Questions

Purchasing a metal building is a big decision. We want to make it simply easy to help customers with their journey to achieving the metal building of their dreams.

Yes, steel buildings are used for residential home applications and have grown in demand.

Yes, steel buildings can be used for warehouse purposes.  These type of buildings are perfect for warehouse use.  SimplyTough metal buildings are available in sizes up to 8,000 square feet.

Yes, steel buildings are often more affordable than other choices. Because they are made to order, they are faster to build, saving time and money. The durability of steel also outperforms other building materials, so when one considers the life span of a metal building, it proves to be a wise long-term investment.  Lastly, it is less expensive and easier to maintain a metal building compared to wooden structures.

Yes, insulation can be supplied separately from the building package. One should inquire with a SimplyTough Dealer regarding the different types of insulation that may be provided by different manufacturers. By learning about these details, one can ensure that the building will be properly insulated. One of our authorized SimplyTough dealers can be asked about insulation options.

  1. Good roof ventilation

The key to getting condensation to evaporate is air flow. Having ventilation holes around the roof at eaves level and in the gable walls allows moisture rich air to escape. Having vents in all elevations of the shed is an effective way of minimizing metal roof sweating.

  1. Roof pitch

The lower the pitch of a metal shed roof and also the deeper the corrugations the worse the problem of metal roof sweating. A low roof pitch (say 6 degrees or less) means that as condensation collects it doesn’t run down the roof slope it stays put until a drip forms which drops on to your stored belongings below. The corrugations in the roof mean that condensation tends to build flow down from the steep part of the corrugation on to the bottom and then if the roof pitch is shallow it forms a drip.

With a steep pitch air can flow up to the ridge and escape so dispersing the humidity. Any moisture forming wont form drips in the building but drain down to the eaves (and hopefully out of the building).

  1. Keep the inside of the shed dry

Although the main source of moisture is from the air itself. If a shed is built on a concrete surface or on bare earth then water evaporating from the ground can increase humidity. The best method to stop this is to cut-off the water supply.

Methods for ‘cutting off the water supply’ include:

  1. Sheds with an integral base. This effectively stops air/moisture from below getting into the shed.
  2. Constructing a raised shed base. This lifts the shed off the ground and allows air to flow underneath the shed thus breaking one path for moisture to get into the shed.
  1. Insulation

The reason why condensation forms on the metal roof is that it’s temperature is below the dewpoint of the internal air. By adding insulation to the internal surface of the metal then the dewpoint is less likely to be met. Whatever insulation you use needs to be closely bonded to the metal.

Two common types of metal roof insulation are:

  1. Sprayed insulation. This can be expensive and messy but reportedly effective
  2. Thin sheets of insultation bonded to the underside of the roof. This needs to be completely bonded (like wallpaper) so that there are no gaps. This is slightly more difficult with a corrugated metal roof than a roof made of a flat sheet of metal. But neither are beyond the reach of most people, you just need to take time to do it ‘properly’.
  1. Anti-condensation layer

The final method of stopping a metal roof sweating is to bond an anti-condensation layer on to the underside of the roof. This method works as a kind of buffer. When condensation starts to form on the underside of the roof it is absorbed by the fleece material. Then as the temperature inside and outside equalize the moisture is released. No drips are formed. This method doesn’t actually stop the condensation forming. But the droplets in the fleece store the water and stop the drips forming.


Metal buildings are safe and will not ignite or support combustion during a wildfire or lighting strike. In addition, metal buildings withstand extreme weather conditions, including rain, wind, and snow.

The great thing about steel is how durable it can be and how resistant it can be to fire damage and a host of other possible disasters. However, while steel can stand up to fire damage much better than some other building materials, you should still be prepared for some of the possible damages that could occur from smoke damage.

One of the benefits offered by steel buildings is how resistant they are too many different problems. When you own a wood-based structure, you may find yourself dealing with many problems such as the possibility of a fire, insect infestations, dry rot, and a wide range of other issues.

Yes. SimplyTough metal buildings are custom designed by the customer with the help from our qualified dealers. In addition to designing the metal building, one can also select the placement of doors, windows placement, and can choose to include a full or partial mezzanines. The extent of building customizations is between the customer and dealer.

SimplyTough Metal Buildings stands firm behind its products. A 25 Year Limited Warranty is offered on the paint finish, and a 12 month workmanship warranty is offered by the installer.

A SimplyTough Dealer can provide the customer with names of installers.

Steel buildings can be very affordable. In one sitting, a customer can design a metal building with the help of the dealer and receive an instant quote on the cost of the building.

Many jurisdictions require building permits for buildings over 120 square feet. One should consult their local building department for permitting requirements which may require engineering and foundation work to be completed as well.

SimplyTough Metal Buildings will provide all the building components (steel framing, brackets, bracing, and steel roof and wall panels) and hardware (fasteners, framing bolts, and concrete anchors) as developed through the design process to construct the building. The dealer will work with the customer to order any doors, windows, and other special items separately.

There is no cost to receive a quote. It can take just minutes of one’s time to design a metal building with a SimplyTough authorized dealer.